Elmbridge Mini Diggers
Elmbridge Mini Diggers

Established since 1992

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  • Mini digger hire Staines

    0.8 ton Digger

    Our JCB 8008 CTS micro digger is a compact machine, capable of high performance in the most restricted areas. In fact it’s the most powerful machine of its size on the market.

    Weight - 875 kg
    Width - 700 mm
    Height -
    Dig Depth – 1700 mm

    £240 per day

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    Mini digger hire Hounslow

    1.5 Ton Digger

    Our JCB 8014 CTS is the ultimate mini digger, it boasts best-in-class performance, allied to incredible build quality. This is a very strong machine and ideal for small projects.

    Weight - 1634 kg
    Width - 980mm
    Height - 2300mm
    Dig Depth – 2650mm

    £240 per day

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    Mini digger hire Egham

    500kg Tracked Dumper

    Our JCB Dumpster is a compact walk behind high tip dumper that is over 20 times more effective then traditional wheelbarrow. Ideal for use with over 0.8 ton digger. Will tip into a skip.

    Width – 690mm
    Can Carry - 500 kg

    £120 per day

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    Mini digger hire Woking

    1000 kg Dumper 4x4

    Our Thwaites 1 ton high tip dumper can carry up to 1000 kg of material anywhere you require. This is a high tip machine so will load a skip or truck where needed. Ideal for moving soil long distances.

    Width : 1180mm
    Can Carry : 1000 kg

    £200 per day

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    Mini digger hire Hampton

    3.0 ton Digger

    Our JCB 8025 ZTS is a mid sized mini digger offering everything you could need from a normal 3 ton machine. This is an extremely powerful machine ideal for most projects.

    Weight - 2806 kg
    Width - 1550mm
    Height - 2470mm
    Dig Depth – 2840 mm

    £290 per day

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    Mini digger with driver Wimbledon

    Hydraulic Breakers for digger

    Our hydraulic brakers can easily be fitted to our diggers in order to quickly and effectively break out large areas of concrete, road surfaces etc. Suitable for our 0.8T to up to 3T digger.

    £50 per day

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    Mini digger hire Guildford

    Other Machinery

    We have various other bits of machinery available to hire from disk cutters to vibrating tandem rollers. Please ask for what you need then we will let you know what is available and supply prices etc.


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