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    Mini Diggers And The Cold

    During the colder months safety is a priority, particularly when construction is involved. Machinery can take a while to start up during the winter and if it's a machine that hasn't been used for a while, it may need jump starting to get it going. A professional should be the one to use it to ensure no issues arise, both in and out of the machine. Once it is working correctly, it should be left to warm up before being used. Using a mini digger when it's cold can cause pressure to build before it's ready. A digger should be looked after properly, so by keeping it maintained correctly you can ensure things are in top shape. For instance, frozen patches on the ground can be a hazard to a mini digger, so these should be cleared as soon as possible.

    A digger should be operated carefully, with full visibility at all times from clear windows, as this prevents accidents. You shouldn't use a mini digger if it's snowing heavily or it is very icy, as the machine could have frost. The right protective clothing should also be worn. As well as the usual hard hat and high visibility clothes, professionals will wear gloves during the cold months, to ensure their hands are protected. Call us today for the best rates on Mini digger hire in Surbiton.

    Important Mini Digger Maintenance!

    An excavator needs to be cared for, particularly after a busy project. Routine check ups are important, to ensure it is running efficiently and safely at all times. Things that should be checked are filter and oil changes (something that should be done daily, to save expensive repair jobs) to make sure the engine works properly. The air filter, hydraulic system and track motors will also need to be maintained correctly. Something that is also essential is the separation of fuel and water. A check each day will ensure that the separator is doing the right job, so monitoring it is a priority. Sometimes a red ring will indicate any issues by floating on any water.

    To reduce the likelihood of wear and tear, greasing the joints will ensure they move smoothly when turning, particularly when working within water. The tracks should be checked too, to make sure they are not in danger of getting too loose and slipping off. However if they are too tight, they can also cause problems. Either way, maintenance will lower the chance of issues becoming expensive. Please call us for a swift quotation on Mini Digger Hire in Hampton.

    Celebrate The Jubilee With JCB!

    Did you know that during Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in London, there will be JCB machines from both now and the past? Machines that have worked during the last 70 years of The Queen’s reign will be participating in the special event. The Platinum Pageant will be on Sunday June 5th and based in London, in order to celebrate the last 70 years. There will be over 10,000 people celebrating with various talents, such as dancing, fashion and music.

    Starring in The Pageant will be JCB backhoe loaders. The 1953 Mark 1 JCB backhoe will be leading, this being the year of The Queen’s coronation. Following will be JCB 3CX backhoes, created during 1977, 2002 and 2012, which are jubilee years. Finishing the display will be a 2022 backhoe loader, with hydrogen as the power supply. Hydrogen is a new development for these machines, due to the chance of a new zero carbon dioxide option.

    The celebration will take place outside of Buckingham Palace and will be seen by up to one billion viewers. Help celebrate and prepare with a Mini Digger Hire in Esher., from Elmbridge mini digger hire.

    Pool Projects And Preparation!

    There are a few things to think about before getting a pool. For instance, the work will be loud, messy and can take a while. So, if you want to go ahead, then you should get professionals involved to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. At the end of the day, this is something that your family and friends can enjoy, without the worry of something going wrong. Not going over everything thoroughly means safety can be an issue, so this needs to be a priority.

    Before any work can begin, the ground needs preparing. In order for everything to start properly, you should ensure any objects littering the ground should be removed, such as furniture, appliances or toys. Professionals working on this project will use wooden stakes to help guide themselves. Any children or pets should stay inside whilst work is happening to ensure they stay safe, particularly as it will be very messy and loud before the pool is complete! Due to the noise, you should courteously warn your neighbours.

    Excavation sometimes has delays, as things don't always go to plan. It all depends on how the overall area is, such as anything that could be obstructing, such as a large rock. These problems are generally easy enough to sort, it just might mean waiting a little while. Weather is also another hindrance, so starting the project at the right time of the year is important. Once everything has been checked over and sorted, you will soon have the relaxing pool you envisioned. You will need excavation for your new pool, so call Elmbridge for all Mini Digger Hire in Surbiton.

    The Importance Of Groundworks

    Before any construction projects can begin on a site, a complete groundworks service must be done. It is important that every property and structure have strong groundwork underneath it, due to their weights relying on the foundation. For any construction job, groundwork is extremely important for it to be successful.

    Groundworks involve a number of factors ranging from an evaluation to foundations and landscaping. Foundations are crucial as they support the weight of a property and make sure it is defensive against the elements. It also helps to stop damp creeping into the structure. These needs to be sorted efficiently and needs to be positioned properly, as the property needs to rely on this to be successful. Foundations need to be sorted out by a professional due to the danger involved if it is done incorrectly. The property could potentially collapse, being a huge hazard and health and safety issue.

    Groundworks also provides services to ensure there is access to energy, water and drainage supplies. Properties need these services or the project wouldn’t be able to go ahead. If all the necessary preparations have been done then construction can begin, knowing that the foundations and safety requirements have been carefully and thoroughly sorted with health and safety a priority. Call today for help with Groundworks and Mini Digger hire in Surbiton.

    The Importance of Tree Stump Removal

    Leaving tree stumps behind can cause many issues. They have the risk of someone tripping over them and injuring themselves. However, they aren’t just a risk to us, they can also harm expensive gardening tools and equipment. Several lawnmowers get damaged every year, usually by their blades getting caught on the tree stumps.

    If you’re in a rush to mow your lawn, having a tree stump in the way can be irritating, particularly if you’re in a hurry to finish it. Any new plants or flowers may not grow to their potential, due to the nutrients being absorbed and destroyed. There could also be roots hiding, which could be damaging to any pipes that are underneath.

    A tree stump doesn’t look very nice visually, especially if you’re going for the aesthetic angle. It will also get in the way of any extra space that you need, particularly with a smaller garden. It is important to look after your garden’s health, due to the possibility of fungal infections developing in the roots. It is best to get an expert to take away any old, rotten tree stumps for your garden’s health and safety, as well as keeping it looking lovely and neat. To remove your tree stumps, call mini digger hire in Surbiton.

    Is Having a Proper Drainage System Important?

    Water can be a natural foe to a property, causing significant damage with damp and mildew, creating issues inside the home within the ceiling if there is a leak. However, water can cause problems on the exterior of a property too. It is crucial that you keep an eye on any complications with the drainage, as it will need to be sorted properly.

    A drainage problem can be water pooling and not going away, caused by bad weather. This usually happens when there is flat ground or soil that is sodden for a long time. This can create issues for gardeners or landscapers who won’t be able to cut the grass and potentially damage their equipment. Plants can be destroyed and the area could attract bugs and rodents. Eventually the foundations can be damaged by wearing away the concrete. If you notice any issues then you should contact a professional right away.

    It is definitely worth getting your drainage systems checked regularly, whilst getting rid of any build up that has appeared. By doing this, you can be assured that water will flow properly and fend off any issues that could develop. For help and advice on drainage and Mini Digger Hire in Esher call Elmbridge Mini digger hire today.

    The Advantages Of A Mini Digger

    If you have ever controlled a typical sized excavator, then learning to use a mini one will be simple. One reason why they are chosen over standard diggers, is because they fit into smaller places. They are quieter than the bigger machines, which is great when working near a residential area.

    Mini diggers are a lot easier to transfer to different places. They are practical, dependable and cost efficient, due to the work being quicker and with higher accuracy, particularly if helping standard sized diggers.

    These excavators can be used for several jobs, ranging from digging ponds and foundations, to smoothing out the ground and getting rid of tree stumps. They can also be used to knock down sheds, concrete and smaller structures.

    So, if you have a digging job that can’t be done with a standard spade or other garden tool, or something that needs to be demolished, then using a mini digger will certainly be a good idea. It’ll help to make any projects you may have easier, and be finished with care and precision, call us for all mini digger hire in Esher.

    JCB Award

    In 2020 JCB was granted the MacRobert Award. This esteemed prize is from The Royal Academy of Engineering, who awarded the business a golden medal and £50,000.

    The winning digger was the 19C-1E, which is the first fully functioning electric digger in the world. Without combustion it will notably bring down the production of carbon, and it has no exhaust emitting and low sound volume. So this is good news for construction sites around places like schools where they would want it kept quieter.

    This digger was released in 2019 by JCB and many have already been bought. They have been praised by the judges for creating a machine that could potentially transform and enhance the construction industry. Call now to arrange a JCB digger hire in Surrey through us.

    JCB launches new environmentally friendly electric mini digger

    This new electric mini digger brings zero emissions performance to HS2 and has been designed to meet the growing need for environmentally friendly equipment for the construction industry.

    The new model features:

    • 15-20kWh storage capacity provided by lithium-ion battery packs
    • Powerful digging performance
    • Full shift availability due to a sophisticated battery management system
    • 110V input on-board charger for 12-hour recharging
    • Option for 230V charging if required with 8-hour recharging
    • Under 2 hours Fast charge option

    To arrange to hire any Mini diggers in Esher or anywhere in Surrey, call Elmbridge mini digger hire.

    JCB donate over £20,000 to the Royal British Legion

    JCB have custom made a mini digger to mark the Centenary of the World War 1 Armistice.

    The digger, which is coated in symbolic poppy flowers, will be auctioned off to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

    The JCB is worth more than £20,000, the money raised will help to provide lifelong support to the Armed Forces community – men, women, veterans and their families.

    JCB Chairman, Lord Bamford said “JCB is immensely proud to be British and believe as a nation we owe so much to the generation that fought for the freedom we enjoy today."

    To hire a mini digger in Epsom, get in touch with Elmbridge Mini Diggers.

    Mini Digger – a versatile piece of kit

    The use of mini diggers or excavators is now commonplace and the versatility of these small machines seems to have no bounds.

    Limited access to a site is no problem as they can easily go through a normal walkway and due to their size are ideal for working inside buildings where their potential can be fully utilised for excavating trenches even in cramped conditions.

    If you have a project that requires a lot of manual labour it could save you time and back breaking effort to consider a mini digger hire in Surbiton for your works.

    Biofuel In The Farming Industry

    High powered machinery like tractors, combine harvesters and even mini diggers could still be years away from finding an alternative to diesel power.

    The main issue causing the delays in advancements is that these machines are required to do hours of work at a time with worrying about losing charge or refuelling.

    New Holland Agriculture is the tractor manufacturer which has made by far the most headway in biofuel designs.

    Others like John Deere and JCB are attempting designs working on electric power.

    Last year, New Holland unveiled a new concept for a methane-powered tractor. The idea is to make farmers independent in terms of fuel supply by using crops grown on their own farms, crop residue and other waste products then produce the biomethane needed to fuel the tractor.

    The company claims the resulting fuel has a virtually zero CO2 profile and delivers a reduction in overall emissions and noise levels compared to current diesel engines.

    JCB earlier this year unveiled its first electric excavator; the mini-digger is the quietest machine in its range and delivers zero emissions.

    To hire a mini digger in Epsom, contact Elmbridge Mini Diggers.

    New JCB Mini-Excavator

    JCB have added to their range of Excavators with the launch of a new Mini Excavator named 15C-1, the companies fourteenth model since the new generation launched 4 years ago.

    The new Mini Excavator weighs 1.5 tonnes and is built with the same design as the larger midi excavator. Powered by a high performance 11.7kw engine, the new model is aimed at the hire and rental market.

    With a shorter undercarriage, the 15C-1 offers single speed tracking and mechanical track tensioners. Maximum protection for the internal components is provided by the models 100% steel bodywork in the event of accidents on site. A fully ROPS-compliant cab can also be specified, with flat glazing all round for easy replacement.

    Despite its small size, the mini excavator does benefit from a cab usually available on larger models with the highest new specifications, with 24% more internal space than previous JCBs.

    To hire a mini-digger in Surrey, contact Elmbridge Mini Diggers today.

    Mini Digger Hire Staines

    A mini digger and operator can make short work of many garden and building projects. What would take several days to achieve with a shovel can be achieved in minutes with no back ache! Most mini diggers can pass through a normal gateway and are easily manoeuvred by the operator to avoid damaging areas of your property that are not to be excavated.

    Footings for a new extension, removing shrubs and small trees from your garden ready for new landscaping can all be completed in record time, your local Mini digger hire company will most likely be able to hire any ancillary equipment needed for your project. Call Elmbridge Mini Hire for Mini Digger hire in Hampton and Walton upon Thames.

    Mini Digger hire this spring

    With Spring in the air and the days getting longer, many people start to think about spending time in their gardens and often how they can improve them. If your project is ambitious a new patio or pond you might want to consider a mini digger to help with the excavation. Unless you are an experienced plant operator it's probably more cost effective to hire a mini digger with driver as they will be able to manoeuvre the machine more accurately, save you time and deliver an expert job.

    Larger projects such as a swimming pool, new driveway or footings for a new extension or garage are also best undertaken by an experienced company who will also have a range of other ancillary equipment available such as dumpers and wacker plates. Elmbridge Mini Diggers Walton on Thames has a fleet of mini diggers in Staines with drivers available for hire on daily or weekly rates.

    A mini digger is a very versatile piece of kit, unless you are experienced in operating one it is best to opt for an operator driven mini digger to help you with your project.

    The word 'mini' is misleading as these compact machines can carry out all kinds of tasks from digging holes and trenches to demolishing your old shed or outhouse. Digging a new pond or preparing footings for an extension or new build, will save back breaking manual digging and will get the job done in a fraction of the time.

    To hire a mini digger make sure you choose a reputable company such as Elmbridge Mini Diggers in Walton on Thames, that will supply a quality machine and a competent and experienced operator to excavate your footings or dig your swimming pool.

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