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    Mini Digger hire this spring
    With Spring in the air and the days getting longer, many people start to think about spending time in their gardens and often how they can improve them. If your project is ambitious a new patio or pond you might want to consider a mini digger to help with the excavation. Unless you are an experienced plant operator it's probably more cost effective to hire a mini digger with driver as they will be able to manoeuvre the machine more accurately, save you time and deliver an expert job.

    Larger projects such as a swimming pool, new driveway or footings for a new extension or garage are also best undertaken by an experienced company who will also have a range of other ancillary equipment available such as dumpers and wacker plates. Elmbridge Mini Diggers Walton on Thames has a fleet of mini diggers in Staines with drivers available for hire on daily or weekly rates.

    A mini digger is a very versatile piece of kit, unless you are experienced in operating one it is best to opt for an operator driven mini digger to help you with your project.

    The word 'mini' is misleading as these compact machines can carry out all kinds of tasks from digging holes and trenches to demolishing your old shed or outhouse. Digging a new pond or preparing footings for an extension or new build, will save back breaking manual digging and will get the job done in a fraction of the time.

    To hire a mini digger make sure you choose a reputable company such as Elmbridge Mini Diggers in Walton on Thames, that will supply a quality machine and a competent and experienced operator to excavate your footings or dig your swimming pool.

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